Time Travel Seattle : when the Sonics took the bull by the horns

Time Travel Seattle : when the Sonics took the bull by the horns

When a strange alchemy transforms a city in a cultural capital, great things happen. The symbols come together and everything becomes one.

In a poster from the 90’s, two gods of  Seattle pose together: Kemp from the Sonics and Ament from Pearl Jam. In a film that marked the era, Singles, we meet some of the most iconic musicians of the  Seattle sound and the tough player Xavier McDaniel (again from Seattle Sonics).

The Emerald City, in the 90 is the cauldron where the change is in fermentation, pushed by the desire of another possible world, music and sports.

The undisputed representatives of the last ingredient are undoubtedly the Seattle Sonics. They inaugurate a new era of their history in the NBA in 1989 (the inclusion in the team of Shawn Kemp) and close it in the 1996 (the playoff against Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls).

The history of the SuperSonics (just Sonics, for fans) finished in 2008: the team moved to Oklahoma City, leaving logo and colors to take the name of  Oklahoma City Thunder.

However the history of this team is one of the most memorable, which led the name of Seattle to international fame.

In 1979 the Sonics won the NBA championship and in 1992 they came close to the final. The Time Travel Barracuda, thanks to the guide of Federico Buffa, leads us to enjoy a very exciting challenge. One of those matches who keep you breathless for the whole 48 minutes: the 1996 playoff.

The green and yellow team squared off with the legend of Chicago: the unstoppable Jordan’s Bulls.

It was the year of the Magic Mike’s revenge: back to the basketball after the break with the baseball bat, in 1995 Jordan was unable to bring his Bulls in the playoff. The following year he wanted the title at all costs. On his way, in the playoff of 1996, there were only the Seattle SuperSonics, champions of the Western Conference.

Would you like  to remember how it went? Don’t t miss to watch until the end the documentary film offered by Barracuda, Time Travel: Seattle, to discover  thanks to the magic words of Federico Buffa, all the details about the history of the Seattle Sonics and their mythological challenge with the Jordan’s Chicago Bulls.