Time Travel Seattle: Gates, Schultz & Bezos another business is possible

Time Travel Seattle: Gates, Schultz & Bezos another business is possible

The Seattle’s 90s
were not only music and alternative culture. An expression of that turmoil that kindled the young people of the Emerald City brought in another dimension also the global business.

Coffee to go from Seattle to the world

Seattle has two indisputable passions: music and coffee. A passion that has been able to export thanks to the brand launched by Howard Schultz.

Schultz was not fom Seattle: raised in the suburbs of Brooklyn, he has passed a childhood of hardship and a youth made of sacrifice and studies. Through his professional experience he comes into contact with a small roasting Seattle: Starbucks.

During a trip to Milan, Schultz was fascinated by the Made in Italy bars: the relationship between customer and bartender, the very place: a social gathering… A formula that he thought he could replicate in the US. However, the Starbucks were far from impressed by the idea.

The new entrepreneur, after a fundrising, was able to raise the money needed to set up the idea by himself. He started the chain “Il Giornale”: in two years he was able to buy Starbucks coffee shops and in five years boasts 165 cafés and a turnover of about $ 93 million. It was 1992 and the Starbucks brand, listed on the stock exchange, was considered synonymous with coffee, relaxing and modern life. And not only by the people of Seattle.

The windows that have revolutionized computing

One of the most influential figures of computing is undoubtedly Bill Gates. Born in Seattle in 1955, he gave birth, just 20 years old, together with Paul Allen (Seattle, 1953), to that company that we know today as Microsoft. With Office Suite and Windows 95 have definitely changed the world of personal computers, realizing their dream: to make sure that the desk of every home and every office were equipped with a PC.

From online bookstore to a synonym for e-commerce

It was born as online bookstore. According to its creator it would have to be fast like magic. His name was Cadabra, the entrepreneur was Jeff Bezos.

In 1995 the company had become like a raging river, the Amazon river of the online market: Amazon, actually. A brand that needs no introduction. Amazon too, with its revolutionary, and often discussed, economic model is the daughter of the 90s of Seattle we have known through the Time Travel of Barracuda, led in time and in space by Federico Buffa.