Women’s wingtip shoes, flapper style

Women’s wingtip shoes, flapper style

Wingtip shoes for women: can your femininity be enhanced by a masculine style? The answer is ‘yes’, provided it’s done with some taste. And, if you’re not ready for the ‘full flapper’ style, you might want to start from the details and accessories.

The wingtip shoes for women are the ideal accessory for a soft-flapper style. The design of these shoes evokes a long tradition of men’s fashion, with wingtip decorations featuring alongside exclusive elements, like pronounced wedges and welts and pastel shades.

These shoes can be worn with men’s style trousers, above-knee skirts (try them with tweed miniskirts and dark stockings), skorts or shorts.

Shoes with wingtip decoration of the Barracuda collection combine a unique style with the best genuine Italian handmade shoe tradition.

Come and discover the shoes with wingtip toe and other flapper style women’s shoes to complete your masculine look, by visiting the Barracuda online boutique or dropping by our points of sale scattered throughout the world.


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