Resolutions of style for 2016: the 10 commandments

Resolutions of style for 2016: the 10 commandments

Now we are facing a year in which we have every intention to put our mark on style. Beyond every trend and rule of fashion, here are 10 resolutions for a 2016 in Barracuda style. Ten Commandments to give even more character to our way of being and to our way of following fashion:

1 – Only rock outfits: we take our cue from the good music of today and the glories of yesterday to find true rock star outfits.

2 – A look forward, one back: the retro style is fascinating. However we can give a more sophisticated touch if we add a few notes and a few details absolutely contemporary. A feature that never fails in Barracuda’s creations.

3 – Never neglect the details: the style is made for details. Let’s never neglect them.

4 – The appearance counts, but also the comfort: no more suffering for style. What we wear and what we do should put us at ease.

5 – Beautiful and long lasting: beautiful things are those that last more than one season. Grow old with us and earn charm. The materials and styles must be immortal. We choose only the best.

6 – Amaze, always: never mind the fashion’s dogma. We are the ones of the rules that must be broken.

7 – Never be without a pair of sneakers: they are comfortable and are good for almost any occasion (and even when they’re not …).

8 – English style with something more: don’t stop at the English style, go further. Add a touch of Made in Italy.

9 – Explore new color combinations: for a style that certainly won’t go unnoticed, the color combinations are a key ingredient. Let’s try new chromatic alchemy.

10 – To become trendsetters of the new dandy style: slogan for 2016 is “new dandy”. No one better than us can drive this trend.