Menswear F/W 2015-2016: tennis shoes revival

Menswear F/W 2015-2016: tennis shoes revival

Between the end of ‘70s and the beginning of ‘80s these shoes became a must for the western youth: tennis shoes were worn everyday, until the leather of the upper was crumbled or the feet were seen by the sole- The more they were used, the more they were beautiful.

The lovers of those sports shoes and their design, which gained over time the charm of a vintage cult, can rejoice: the 2015-2016 fall winter season is a real tennis shoes revival. The designer’s passion about these special sneakers, first of all the Barracuda designers, let the simply and captivating lines of tennis shoes be shaped to fit the more casual models.

Here is a selection of shoes of the Barracuda collection F/W 2015-2016 that we want to dedicate to the ones who have always loved the style of tennis shoes:

Worn effect – Bronze and brown, the worn effect that characterize them strengthen their retro side.

Stone washed – Bordeaux with a tone-on-tone midsole. A must in the vintage style lovers wardrobes.

Reptile print – For the ones who want an original tennis shoe, here is the classic sneaker changing skin to gain a unique style to your feet. Orange or blue.

The dark side – We are all accustomed to the classic white tennis shoes: this Barracuda model let the dark side of the sporty casual come to light. Black upper on black sole or blue upper on blue sole.

Want to see all the models of this revival of tennis shoes of Barracuda? So, click on this link.