Men’s sneakers: take a walk on the air side

Men’s sneakers: take a walk on the air side

A technology borrowed from sports sneakers and transported in the casual fashion with a substantial injection of style: we are talking about the air sole. Timidly adopted by the high fashion as mere eccentricity, the transparent sole has become a constant of the collections by Barracuda. A detail of style that reflects our passion for unusual footwear and for the ongoing research of the right contamination to create unique models.

And sports shoes with air sole are certainly unique models. The transparencies that show the architectural structures” supporting the foot, are accompanied with high-grade leather, processed according to traditional techniques: a combination that sounds like a contradiction, but that perfectly represents Barracuda’s philosophy. The new trendsetter meets with the tradition that ensures quality.

A combination that is accentuated, until it becomes paradoxical, when the air sole is mounted on an upper that has all the appearance of a classic (for example an air-soled brogues). In that case, the style becomes a real cognitive short circuit, a rebellion against the standards of men’s fashion, a stand against the dictates of the fashion mainstream.

While wearing air sole sneakers, you walk literally on the air, span apart from everything. For us, this means standing out from the rest.

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