Fall Winter 2015/2016, a selection of particolar shoes for women

Fall Winter 2015/2016, a selection of particolar shoes for women

If you have the same vision of fashion that we have, you surely agree with us when we say that we want two things from a pair of shoes: quality and a unique style. Especially about this last point, most of the time of our research is focused on the creation of particular models, innovative shoes that goes beyond every trend, to create an alternative way to the explanation of style.

Talking about the quality, our task is to preserve our long production experience in the show industry, pull closing it to a continuous research of improvement.

Today we want to offer a present to all our female readers, with a selection of the most particular shoes of the 2015-2016 fall winter collection.

Creepers double layers – Creepers are one of the leitmotif of the 2015-2016 F/W collection, but these are very particular: a decorative zipper and a reptile printed leather upper under a layer of abrasive leather. Do you want some suggestion about how to create a unique look starting from high stole shoes? Here there are our suggestions about how to match creepers.

Bi-color creepers – They look like they came out from an old film (and not because of black and white). You should absolutely try them in a mannish style outfit.

Three buckles Monkstrap – Just to take the cue from this prevailing trend of menswear fashion and to bring it to the extreme: here is the monk with three buckles.

Maxi loafer – The moccasin that wants to be big: maxi soles, maxi tassles or maxi fringes. For the women who hate half measures.

Derby with lug sole – If a pair of man-style laced shoes were not enough, what do you think about letting them become more particular adding an exaggerated lug sole? For all the punk styles lovers.

These are just some of the models of the 2015/2016 fall winter collection. Let’s see them all in our online boutique.