British style lace-up shoes: the grunge that leaves its mark

British style lace-up shoes: the grunge that leaves its mark

The details of the English-style lace-up shoes are what defines the character of an outfit that can be personal and alternative, able to establish itself as a sensual and unique trend.

The model of the lace-up shoe, with Barracuda, is leading a revolution: a change of perspective that can give innovative combinations and different angles to make an art out of fashion.

The pairings for a style that leaves its mark start from here.

Flannel shirt, leather shorts, tank top and wool knee length socks  for a casual but sensual style, for a sparkling evening with the friends of a lifetime;

Coarse wool maxi pull, wool knee length socks and leather backpack for those who do not want to go unnoticed and do not want to give up comfort and convenience;

High-waisted jeans, psychedelic shirt and leather biker jacket, with a wrapping maxi wool scarf for an aggressive and grunge outfit to feel a real rocker;

Wool pants with turtleneck and stretch leather jacket, to give a new interpretation to classic winter wardrobe: in perfect line with English-style lace-up shoes;

Boyfriend jeans, wool skullcap and crew neck sporting sweater for a look tomboy look inspired by Truffaut’s films;

Fringed suede vest with tight dress and cashmere collant for an elegant event: exclusivity is the key word;

Blazer and worn jeans, leather maxi shopper socks and pied de Poulle combining classic tones to modern shades.


Experiment this looks suggested by Barracuda: the fashion world needs those who dare and who can astonish. Unexpected combinations, from grunge to rock, without neglect attention to details: the lace-up shoes in the English style are versatile and unconventional, the right choice for the winter season.