Barracuda style guide man winter 2015-2016: a shoe per month for a style that doesn’t go into hibernation

Barracuda style guide man winter 2015-2016: a shoe per month for a style that doesn’t go into hibernation

Winter 2015-2016: in what fashion mood are you? If you are tuned with us, you can’t wait to add some gem of style in your wardrobe to create new and extraordinary outfits with clothing and accessories of high quality and great charisma. With this style guide by Barracuda we want to offer a selection of footwear that will accompany you throughout the winter. For a season in the sign of Italian fashion.

December – A month of celebrations and festivities: opportunities that allow us to show off our whole class. December 2015 can only close the year with the must-have shoe of the year: the monk shoes. In the new collection Barracuda man, choose the double buckle monk in soft calfskin with decorated tip. To complete your holiday outfits, opt for the version in blue.

January – Winter brought us in 2016: the New Year can only open with the best intentions of style. We leave behind the memories of the New Year Eve party to look forward. We attack the future with renewed determination that only a pair of sneakers can give us. If you choose the soft approach, the hig-top air-sole onespostmama are what makes for you. If you want to go down hard, opt for sneakers with pyramid studs on the sides.

February - For the romantic ones is the month of Valentine’s Day, for the party lovers is (generally) Carnival month. For us it is a bit of both. This is why we chose men’s shoes that can take us to a romantic encounter, as well as to a costume party. We are talking about the English style derby with camouflage fabric.mamapost

March – Last month of winter. Also for 2016 there will be some glimpses of summer. Be careful, though, to the famous whims of March. To deal with all kinds of weather conditions, we entrust our way to a pair of laced up army style boots in aged calfskin.mam1post

If the proposals of this Barracuda style guide for men don’t have met your tastes or if you were looking for additional ideas, our last piece of advice is to browse our online boutique with all the proposals of men’s shoes of Made in Italy quality.